24-Hour Timeline

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The 2015 RedEye Rebrand, March 5-6

What is the StoneArch RedEye Rebrand?

An all-nighter with a purpose.

A 24-hour marathon dedicated to giving an inspiring nonprofit the creative and strategic resources they need to carry out their mission.

An exercise in collaboration, compassion and creativity—fueled by caffeine.

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2015 Organization

Magic Arms for the World

A nonprofit on a mission to give more children with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) access to a WREX—a 3D printed device that allows them to lift and move their arms—so they can perform everyday tasks like playing, drawing or even hugging a parent.

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24-Hour Timeline

Starting at 9:00am on March 5th, watch it unfold in real time.

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9:00 AM - We begin with great fanfare

9:12 AM - Flash Tutorial

Reviewing marketing basics to keep both teams grounded and focused as we kick-off strategy.

10:45 AM - Consensus Achieved

Cassie has lead the team into creating a defined positioning statement with targeted audiences and barriers/drivers.

11:22 AM - Creative Team Powers Activate

With strategy defined, creative can move forward

11:30 AM - Crab Walk

The most cheerfully crabby crew you’ve met

11:59 AM - Whitney Sample, co-creator of the WREX device

As an engineer personally responsible for fitting children with this device, his insights are invaluable.

12:38 PM - Bringing the brand to life

Mood boards and palettes make for meaningful eye candy

12:52 PM - Brain food

1:33 PM - Putting our backs into it

3:19 PM - Thinking through logistics

3:56 PM - Eric Jenson, Board Chair and Founder of Magic Arms shares his vision and passion for the rebrand

4:00 PM - Midday Check-In

At 4pm we have the following in play: homepage design, site map, content outline, video testimonials, photo shoots, logo and marcomm calendar. That doesn’t happen without teams constantly talking to each other.

4:09 PM - Reality Check

All the hustle and buzz can be a lot to take in. Having time with the real kids and babies Magic Arms works for gives us the focus and energy to work even harder and smarter.

4:45 PM - Palette Defined

Phil Hoch, Creative Director: “We want colors that are youthful and bright. The colors need to communicate energy and positivity.”

5:21 PM - Illustration in the works

8:20 PM - Dinner break with our families

9:45 PM - Time for some Prohibition kombucha

10:40 PM - Houston, we have a logo

11:54 PM - Midnight Check-In

We have a logo, website design, professional headshots, video testimonials, website copy and brand style guide.

12:53 AM - Capturing stories

2:23 AM - Letterhead and business cards

4:00 AM - Wee Small Hours Check-In

Work continues on social media presence, a social media plan, booth graphics and website development. Oh, and we took a little break for ping pong.

5:15 AM - Pixel perfect

5:40 AM - Carrying the Magic Arms brand through to booth design

7:00 AM - Final review

One last look to dot the I's and cross the T's before the final reveal at 9:00 AM.

9:00 AM - 24 hours well-spent

We are honored to be able to help Magic Arms by providing:

- Positioning
- Marketing Communications Recommendations
- Logo
- Brand identity
- New website
- Fact sheet
- Tri-fold brochure
- Booth graphic
- 6 videos
- Business cards
- Letterhead
- PPT template
- Social media descriptions and skins
- Social media toolkit
- Photography
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